North Brisbane Mobile Dog Grooming

Paws on Wheels is a professional, mobile dog grooming business that has been servicing the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for over 8 years.


Mobile grooming is a perfect way of caring for your dogs grooming needs, without your dog having to leave his familiar surroundings; it is much less stressful, particularly suitable for nervous or elderly animals. Your dog will always be groomed by the same person, who quickly becomes familiar to your dog. The grooming environment is quiet and relaxed, as there are no other animals present. Your dog will receive one on one attention from start to finish, he is hand dried, never left unsupervised and no cages or sedation are ever used. There are minimal interruptions to your household routine, no drop offs and pick-ups, no waiting and no wet, smelly dog in the car!


Paws on Wheels can provide all of the dog grooming services that a salon can provide, in a custom built, fully air conditioned mobile salon outside your home. Equipment is of a high standard and is well maintained and hygiene standards are very high. 


I do not ‘shave’ dogs, unless unavoidable, due to matting etc. I prefer to style your dog in a way that emphasizes your dog’s best features, whilst being easy to maintain for the owner depending on the dog’s lifestyle and time available for grooming.


I also offer free grooming advice to all my clients to enable them to keep their dog looking it's best until the next appointment. I stock a range of high quality grooming tools and products. I also stock frozen BARF diet in a range of flavours and a range of healthy treats and chews. 


Our pets are important members of our families and I believe they deserve the best.


Paws on Wheels is a member of International Professional Groomers (IPG).

Available Services
  • Full Grooms

  • Mini Grooms

  • De-moult

  • Hand Stripping

  • Breed Specific Clips

  • Designer Breed Styling

  • Hydro baths

  • Teeth Cleaning

To find out more about how Paws on Wheels Mobile Grooming can help you and your pet call Mary on 0405 640 225
ABN: 63 659 382 757


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IPG Member