North Brisbane Mobile Dog Grooming

Paws on Wheels is a professional, mobile dog grooming business that has been servicing the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for over 8 years.


Paws on Wheels can provide all of the dog grooming services that a salon can provide, in a custom built, fully air conditioned mobile salon outside your home. Equipment is of a high standard and is well maintained and hygiene standards are very high. 


I do not ‘shave’ dogs, unless unavoidable, due to matting etc. I prefer to style your dog in a way that emphasizes your dog’s best features, whilst being easy to maintain for the owner depending on the dog’s lifestyle and time available for grooming.


I also offer free grooming advice to all my clients to enable them to keep their dog looking it's best until the next appointment. I stock a range of high quality grooming tools and products. I also stock frozen BARF diet in a range of flavours and a range of healthy treats and chews. 


Our pets are important members of our families and I believe they deserve the best.


Paws on Wheels is a member of International Professional Groomers (IPG).

Available Services
  • Full Grooms

  • Mini Grooms

  • De-moult

  • Hand Stripping

  • Breed Specific Clips

  • Designer Breed Styling

  • Hydro baths

  • Teeth Cleaning

To find out more about how Paws on Wheels Mobile Grooming can help you and your pet call Mary on 0405 640 225
ABN: 63 659 382 757


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IPG Member